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Who Are We?

So often in life, we find that starting is the hardest part of what we do. 

Starting Point is both of our starting points, yours and mine.  For me, it is an opportunity to do something I've dreamed of for many years- create an environment based on people, shared experiences, recovery and healing.  For you, the client, it is about meeting you wherever you are right now.  What is your starting point?

All About Me

Kristiane founded Starting Point with over 25 years of experience in physical therapy, spanning acute care, skilled nursing, home healthcare and outpatient orthopedic care.  Her passion has always been in the outpatient arena, where she enjoys being a part of the recovery with her clients.  Her desire to open a clinic started with recognizing a troubling trend of facilities moving away from dedicated one-on-one care towards generalized, PT aide delivered care.  

After receiving her lymphedema certification from the Norton School, she went on to become LANA certified (Lymphology Association of North America). During the pandemic, she entered and completed her doctoral program in physical therapy and received certification in PORi protocol (Physiologic Oncologic Rehabilitation Institute). This awakened a passion for providing care to the population of people undergoing treatment for cancer, and following a complex application she was accepted to sit for the Oncology Specialty Board Exam in March of 2022. 

It is often said that if we can work in our professional passion we are truly blessed, and I am happy to feel that truth. 




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